Name of the institution
Foundation de Heer-Rozendaal

Tax number
The Foundation is registered under the number 812770626

Contact information
The foundation is located at Beukelaan 6, 8181 NR HEERDE and is registered in the Chamber of
Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel Oost Nederland) under the file number 41041132.
The foundation can be reached through the email address

Structure of the board
  The board consists of at least 3 members and elects a chairman, a secretary and a treasurer.
  The board members are elected for an indefinite period.
  At least one of the members should either be a founder or a direct descendant of one of the

Names of the board members
The current composition of the board is:
  Mr. H. Bonga - Chairman
  Mrs. G. de Heer-Rozendaal  -  Secretary
  Mr. J.D. Schoneveld  -  Treasurer
  Ms. A. de Heer  -  Member
  Ms. L.G.G de Heer  -  Member
  Mrs. S. Kho-Pangkey  -  Advisor

Remuneration policy
  The board members receive NO financial rewards for their work/proceedings.
  If a member request compensation for their incurred costs it is allowed to reimburse these
costs on condition that these cost are not excessively high. (NB: since the establishment of the
foundation there is never called on this rule.)

   If you want to support us with a donation, you can transfer this to the account NL 82 KNAB 0726 4727 51.