Report of the activities

In the report year 2020:

  The school fee was paid for 144 children in Surabaya, Indonesia
  Lunch was provided to 160 children during a part of the year as a result of the pandemic
  The project for children of scavengers in Sidoardjo, Indonesia, was continued
  Support is given for the diapers project in Richmond America
  Financial support was given to an Autio Project in Mexico
  A Truckers day for handicapt young people in the Netherlands was supported
  Help provided for a nursery in Hungary
  Donation for refurbishing a garden for the demented elderly people in Szolnok, Hungary
  Flowers given for all staff of a care home at Heerde in the Netherlands
  The Food Bank Apeldoorn for poor people was supported
  A gift for the Alzheimer's Foundation Netherlands
  A gift for the Nierstichting Nederland
  Sant'Egidio Foundation supported projects around Christmas
  Castle Wedde canoe pond in the Netherlands was supported
  A gift Ronald Macdonald home
  Children's hospital in Thailand was supported
  Donation for Foundation Ambulance Wish Apeldoorn
  Donation to the "Cleft Lip Foundation" in Surabaya
  School education donation for 13 children in Kidiri, Indonesia  

The projects have been carried out in The Netherlands, Indonesia, America and Thailand.

Financial reporting
Annually (within the applicable time) the financial reporting is done by the reasurer and discussed at the
The annual figures for 2020 were adopted and approved at the meeting of 16 april 2021.

Annual figures 2020 in
Balance sheet
Fixed Assets                             3,952,799 *1        Shareholders' Equity            3,971,115
Current Assets                               63,891            Short-term Liabilities                45,575
Balance sheet total                    4,016,690            Balance sheet total              4,016,690

Increase in cash                                                      26,506
Decrease in liquidity:
Projects                                       48,600
Other costs                                      256
Decrease in liquidity                                               22,350

The income comes from a 94% dividend received.
The other costs are related to the website and bank charges.

*1 Fixed Assets

Approximately 99% of the Foundations's fixed financial assets consists of (in practice) non-marketable shares
in a private limited liability company.

When the Foundations received these shares as a donation of its founders it was determined that these
shares have to belong to the so-called 'stamvermogen' of the Foundation and that this 'stamvermogen' itself
is not available for free pay-out. The revenues of this 'stamvermogen' can however be used for charities.

These shares have a high value, at least on paper, also because a (large) reserve has been attributed to these
shares. However, due to the statutory conditions of the private limited liability company concerned this
reserve can not be freely distributed without the approval of others.