The purpose of the foundation
To serve general interest by contributing to:
  The financing of aid- and developing projects, both in general and in individual cases;
  To improve health and the well-being of the poorest populations;
  The alleviation of mental and material need;
  Providing contributions to the solutions of problems relating to the environment and human
welfare in our society;


The foundation is set up as a  not- for- profit organization and seeks to maximize local control on
fund spending. In practice this means that the majority of the projects will be carried out in countries
where boards of Holland Colours affiliates commit to exercise control on fund spendings. In this
manner we know that the money has been spent well.

Target group
The target groups are clearly described in the articles of association where we would like to focus on
children that through this focus can get a better future. Until now a lot of attention and money has
been paid to children from slums in Surabaya where children are supported with school fees and a few
meals a week.

We also pay a lot of attention to surgeries for children with a schisis/cleft lip in Indonesia. Most of the
time, these children are excluded from society due to shame. After the necessary surgery these
children will be able to build a life in the society again. Furthermore, we also support a leper village in

Other projects are already mentioned in the introduction.

In most cases we work together with local institutions, of which we know that they will fully benefit all
available funds from our Foundation and related Foundations as intended.

Where possible, we dedicate time and money to charity in the Netherlands. This can structurally take
place through supporting a local food bank, but also by one-off gifts to disabled children.